I’m Back, Baby!

Good news! I’m restarting this blog! Not that you’ve missed it, since you probably haven’t seen it! But let me explain myself first.

I started this blog to practice my writing, specifically about my interests in video games, TV, movies, and possibly music. I wanted to make writing a habit and slowly flesh out this site with interesting posts on whatever I was interested in. That obviously did not work out.

So 2 years later, I’m trying to make this commitment permanent. I am going to write and write and write on anything and everything related to the subjects above. It doesn’t have to be new or even relevant. It doesn’t have to be long deep dives into a single subject. It just has to be a certain measurable length and it has to be once a week.

Think of this post as a treatise, a statement of purpose for going forward with consistent new posts once a week. I have some good ideas to keep me on track too. I want to have start posting series, blogs that are all around a specific subject. I want to also write about anything new that pops up (Ni No Kuni II in the mail!) Maybe I’ll even branch out into those TV and movie areas I haven’t even broached yet! Mostly, I’m just going to stop being hard on myself. This is for fun; I’m using a free domain so how serious could this be? I’m going to get out of my own way and do the damn thing. I’ll keep this short and sweet, look for more soon!

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