Video Game Playthroughs

Announcing the Next Let’s Play: Outer Wilds

I’m really excited about this one. I had started generating a list of new games to playthrough (probably circle back around on that in the future), but after Outer Wilds came up in a podcast recording Emily suggested we play it. It’s one of my favorite games of all time, a beautiful and archaeological journey through a solar system. I’m going to dial back sharing my knowledge and let Emily dedicate our path and what we do next. I don’t want to get in the way of the amazing things you uncover organically exploring the spaces.

So what is the game? It’s a 2019 game developed by Mobius Digital where you’re an astronaut from the planet Timber Hearth who joins other astronauts in exploring their solar system. You’re free to fully explore the planets in whatever order you’d like and explore any space that you can fit into. All of the biomes are unique and hold mysterious archaeological artifacts that detail a history about the planet. You’re armed with a spaceship and a translator device intended to interpret writings from a dead civilization called the Nomai. The translations are the main thrust of the game. Your findings are added to a mystery board on your spaceship which helpfully connects disparate information you find and points you in the direction to find more. They all connect to tell a story of an exploratory people that left behind advanced technology that you are using. There are wider mysteries pertaining to their intentions and something strange happens after you launch into space…

I would love everyone to join us on our mission, but if that’s not interesting to you I implore you to seek out this game. It’s special and unlike other games I’ve played before, telling a moving story that rewards exploration and the collection of knowledge. You advance through Outer Wilds by gaining knowledge instead of the usual game route of gaining new tools, levels, or other “power up” rewards. The game was recently announced on Switch, but it’s available now everywhere else! I absolutely love it and can’t wait to replay it. Our first episode is up now and will be released weekly on Wednesday/Thursday (depending on how long it takes to upload, god bless my internet speeds).

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