Video Game Playthroughs

Let’s Play: RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

And now for something completely different: we’re transitioning from ancient space culture exploration to theme park management! Our terrestrial bodies have undergone the transition back to Terra and we’ve already started learning the ins and outs of managing a wildlife park. Both of us grew up playing some sort of management sim (early RollerCoaster Tycoons and Zoo Tycoon to be specific) so we were excited about reliving some of that nostalgia. Turns out, harder than we remember! 2004 was truly a different time.

Our first couple of episodes are already out as we learn the basics and cut our teeth on our first park “Tony’s World.” We’re juggling placement of rides, snacks, and animal enclosures and also learned just how important it is to staff up (still working on that employee happiness though). I also took us on a massive detour when I tried to play god and change the level of the ground. It’s…a lot. We’ll be posting these weekly so join us for a chill time!

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