Kingdom Hearts Video Game Playthroughs

Let’s Play: Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories

This is the second game in our ongoing series to play through the entire Kingdom Hearts series. Find the first series here!

Out of all the Kingdom Hearts games, this is the one that I’m most interested in playing. I’ve never touched it before, same with Re:Coded and Dream Drop Distance, and the fact that it’s a card game has always piqued my curiosity. You don’t get much gameplay variation across this series so it’s exciting not knowing what to expect. But also maybe there’s a reason they don’t mess with the gameplay too much after this one.

Having started it there’s a lot going on here. Running around a 3d space, deck management, playing higher value cards and keeping an eye on your health has proved difficult for my brain. My brain wants to hit attack and block but the game’s telling me to play the cards! I feel like a fool. I’m hoping I can adjust a little and get more into the swing of things since I’ve only played an hour. The story is the part I’m really interested in here with the introduction of Organization XIII and the weirdness around losing memories. It’s an intriguing idea but so far has only been to kind of revisit what happened in 1. Also hoping that the dialogue changes from some variation of  “what happened again?” and “what are we doing?” That said I most definitely popped for Axel, love that dude.

Anyways, here’s hoping my pessimism subsides over the next series. You can watch episode 1 now:

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